Go Ethereum Walkthrough (1.8.12)

Welcome to the Go Ethereum Walkthrough gitbook! I’m excited to have you here and hope you will enjoy exploring the internals of the Go implementation of Ethereum as much as I have.

“Probably no subject is too hard if people take the trouble to think and write and read clearly.”

— William Zinsser

I’m Mike Slinn, an independent consultant, software developer and technical instructor specializing in Ethereum and blockchain.

I can present this material interactively on line or in person anywhere in the world for an hour, a day, or over several days. I also offer software development and consultancy services with hands-on, in-depth workshops and mentoring. Reach out to me at mslinn@micronauticsresearch.com or @mslinn to discuss opportunities.

Consider joining me at SF Ethereum Developers and Silicon Valley Ethereum meetups.

This documentation includes text and code snippets from a variety of public sources, attributed appropriately, plus my own original writing.

I have produced this work using my own personal resources and my own time. No-one has paid me for this. Please sponsor my work! I intend to make free videos and tour the world presenting this information live. I also intend to translate this work into multiple languages, probably starting with Mandarin and Spanish.

I have produced hundreds of instructional videos at ScalaCourses.com, and I am ready to do the same for Ethereum projects. If your organization would like to become a sponsor, and get a lot of exposure to Ethereum developers world-wide, please email me at mslinn@micronauticsresearch.com. You can also contribute below.



Now, let me introduce you to Go Ethereum.

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